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Potomac Software Group specializes in providing high quality PeopleSoft resources in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C.,
Baltimore area.   

We specialize in PeopleSoft.  That is all we do.  That specialization allows us to focus our resources in providing the highest quality consultants for your project.


Having strong PeopleSoft resources with deep functional and technical expertise is critical for ERP team success.  Studies of ERP success and failure have shown that ERP team composition and expertise is the single most important factor of success during ERP implementations or upgrades. 


“Of the seven categories of critical success factors, 'ERP Team Composition, Skills and Compensation' is found to be the most important overall for both implementation and upgrade” 


(Delgado and Nah - Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation and Upgrade  -Journal of Computer Information Systems 2006).


Our partners have over 40 years of PeopleSoft experience.  Allow us to put that experience and specialization to work for you and provide the highest quality PeopleSoft resources to make your project a success.  

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